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Midwest Shake & Shingle The Nations Leader In Cedar & Tile Roofing 

IT is our goal and commitment to never fail our customers. So the next time you are in need of our service we will be there for you. Our highly experienced claims representatives will meet you insurance adjuster with the appropriate photo's estimates,  combined with your past warranty documents , to assure nothing less then a favorable outcome ! 

Although our roots were primarily in the installation of Cedar Roofing  for over 35  years, we expanded into, all types of residential as well as commercial flat types of roofing in the early 90's.  Midwest provide's   complete fabricationof architectural Copper & all types of

Sheet Metal's, Windows, doors, siding, gutters stucco, and painting, as well as carpentry & total construction remodeling 

restorations projects. 

Claims Process

If your home and property has been impacted by a hail & high winds storm, and your cedar roof has been roofed by Midwest  before 1985 then it  may still be under our warranty! Call us  immediately for a free entire home and roof inspection. This is and extremely important fact for the successful outcome on your insurance claim's. Read under our warranry's tab for more details !

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Since the mid- 80's Midwest Shake & Shingle  has set the standard for quality in the roofing industry  We have always stood behind our workmanship with an Elite 10 year Warranty. Midwest  has now developed a superior technique of roofing installations method , making it second to none. Give both our customers as well as our selves the comfort & confidence in offering and unparalleled  



" ask for details "

Midwest Shake & Shingle in Colorado Springs 

Over 26,000  Roofing projects strong , and we have handled over 5,000  combined

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All Cedar materials supplied by Midwest Shake & Shingle's carry a minimum of a 40 year warranty, which if damaged by hail, and deems by our cedar mills that the shakes have been compromised, then the full replacement should be honored by your insurance carrier, under thier warranty clause. 




Over the past 3 decades Midwest is proud to say that we became the Minnesota's and Colorado's Elite roofing contractor.  Founded and headquartered  in the Twin Cities.With the passing of its founder the Midwest name          expanded to Colorado  and has successively completed over 29,000 roofing projects combined. For many years Midwest only installed Cedar Shakes Roofs , over 45 % of all the cedar roofing in the Twin Cities area !! But we offer not only just cedar roofing but that of all types, Slate, Tile, Composition, and Stone Coated Steel, etc.


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